Wellness with a single breath.

Breathe into weight loss and self care.

Wellness with a single breath.
Avokadio is helping people struggling to lose weight or want to keep fit and eat clean for a healthy life by measuring their metabolism with a single breath and giving nutritional advice based on insight data making wellness personal and easy.

Simply blow into Avokadio device and our nano-technological sensors will measure breath gases known as VOC’s to give instant insight metabolism information with our AI backed algorithms. You can learn how your metabolism is handling the food you eat and what and when your body needs it and get really personal nutritional and wellness tips.

According to WHO 50% of the world population is obese or overweight causing health issues such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems or even Alzheimer’s. A recent study made by The Economics showed that in the USA 69% of the health expenditure is influenced by bad diet and lifestyle which is making the modern health system not sustainable. The aging population and higher life expectancy with rising chronic ailments causing insufficient resources for the health system to meet patient needs.

Avkadio is not only helping people look after their own health but also creating a self-care awareness enabling savings for stretched healthcare budgets freeing up resources for patients who really need them.

Our technology is based on scientific research of a decade and our clinical trials made by competent medical professors and doctors in our team in various university hospitals.
weight loss based on science


What we can measure in your breath ?

We can measure VOC’s ( Volatile Organic Compound) in breath with our sensors in our device which indicates various information about metabolism and body.

Ketones :  Gives an indication about fat burning metabolism weather you are using fat for fuel or carbohydrates. It is important to follow ketone levels if a person wants to lose weight for a sustainable diet.

Ammonia :  It is produced as a result of protein break down metabolism, how the liver and kidney are functioning with it. It can give indication for a persons protein intake and help maintain a balance diet .

Nitrogen Oxide: Among many indications, nitrogen oxide gives an idea about inflammation. It can also occur in high fat diets and can be useful for a person’s fat intake.

Carbon monoxide: If you are a smoker you can see the damage done to your lungs!

Ethanol:  It gives an indication of oxidative stress in our body and can be a result of lack of vitamin E, poor consumption of vegetables and fruits.

Methane/Hydrogen:  Along with methane it gives an indication of malabsorption and intolerances. Person can follow if certain foods create intolerance for the gut such as lactose.

Iso-Butane /Propane: Along with iso-butane it can be an indication of rising cholesterol levels.


How can we help to maintain a balanced diet?

By measuring the mentioned  VOC’s in breath personal metabolism can be evaluated and tracked instantly and easily without any effort. We can help the user to have a balanced and healthy diet and nutrition based on personal insight data making a real personal experience for self care, weight loss, and keeping fit.

Carbohydrates, protein and fat consumption can be adjusted to suit personal needs for metabolic health. Any intolerance such as lactose or malabsorption of certain foods like legumes can be noticed and precautions can be taken for a healthy gut.  A balanced diet can be recommended taking consideration of the body’s need based on personal data enabling user to have adequate macro and micronutrients for self care and well being.

Each metabolism is different than each other. Small differences can make a huge impact on your diet and success on weight loss journey. You can pre-order Avokadio which makes getting real personal wellness or nutrition advice affordable Avokadio.





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