The Effect of Nutrition on Immune System

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We are living in times where epidemic viruses such as the ‘coronavirus’ is affecting our world and treating our healths. These viruses are damaging our immune systems causing fatal results.

So what is the human immune system ?

Immune system is a common name for structures in our bodies that protects us against harmful substances.  In the event of a pathogen entering our body, immune system detects unfamiliar molecules to its own structure and responds to them by creating immune response.

One of the factors effecting this natural resistance is nutrition. Malnutrition is causing the immune system to break down and not function properly.

Therefore having a balanced diet in terms of macro and micr nutrients will give an organic defense against viruses improving immune system.


Carbohydrates (CHO): Carbohydrate is an important fuel cell for immune system. Carbohydrates are nutriments largely found in vegetative foods containing carbon, hydrogen and oxygen molecules

. They are classified as simplistic (sugar) and complicated (starch) Glue ides are found in sugar , fruits and fruit juice. On the other hand complicated starch is found in vegetables, legumes and cereals. Carbohydrates are situated in human body as glycogen in a small amount. Glycogen is mostly in liver. In other organs and muscles a little amount of glycogen exists.

That being present in blood in the form of glucose in certain amount, is very important in respect for provision of continuous energy for tissues . It is emphasised that on high CHO diet, consignation of raw CHO sources affection of immune system negatively.


FatsFats are among the most important nutrition sources for our lives. Fats take an active pole in some biological functions such as; absorption of vitamins A, D, E and K needed for human and animal nutrition, being a source of omega 3 and omega 6 oil acid, being functional at neuritis functions, provision of permeability and stability for cell membrane.

Fats are important energy sources 1 gram fat provides twice the energy as protein and carbohydrate does . Fat acids are powerful modulators of immune response. Studies on animals verify that conjugated linoleic acid available in meat and dairy products stimulates the immune system and prevent breast cancer.

Proteins: Proteins make up frame work for cells. They are also framework of body defence systems, enzymes that control body functions, and some hormones .

Proteins are nutriments that contain nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen in their chemical structures. Many immune mechanisms rely on production of active protein compounds or cell replication. In protein deficiency, functions of immune system decrease. It is thought that the negative effect of protein deficiency on immunity is connected with the effect of immune system regulator for some amino acids. Deficiency in essential amino acid can also cause repression on immune system. Too much consumption of some amino acids can cause diverse effect on immune system functions . The latest studies show that protein metabolism play an important role in formation of natural and acquired immunity against infections.


ArginineArginine is an amino acid mainly used for hospitalized patience’s. It is among the amino acids containing most nitrogen in the course of growth, illness or metabolic stress, endogenous syntheses remain incapable and it is regarded as conditional essential amino acid. It enhances lymphocytic progress and phagocytosis, and speeds up the wound healing. It enables normalization of T-cell response after serious surgical procedures and traumas. On arginine deficiency, NEK risk arises. It has also antitumor activity. It stimulates anabolic hormone cycle and enhances nitrogen balance .It is required to have a look at studies, done with arginine to determine its location in immune nutrition.

Glutamine: It is the most freely amino acid in blood. Besides it is an important nutrient for prolific cells (blood cells, intestinal cells, cancer cells, etc). It ranks among the antioxidants, glutathione pyrimidine nucleotides, gamma amino butyric acid syntheses. In some cases, such as cancer treatment and intestinal injury, it has curative effects for digestive system. By this way, it can prevent micro be contamination to blood from intestines.

Vitamins, minerals and other supporters: Another effective nutritional element on immune system is vitamin. Vitamins are subbranch of nutritional elements that play an important role in growth and development, carrying out neurologic and digestion functions, using nutrimental elements effectively, supporting immune system and keeping sanitary.

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